First of all, we need to define what an ultrabook is.. From Intel, the guys who coined the new class of computing, they say : “Ultrabook is a new category of ultra-responsive, ultra-sleek and ultra-stylish devices that are less than an inch thick and wake up in a flash.. They’re an optimal blend of the performance and smart capabilities you expect – and the portability and style you want..”

Meanwhile, The guys at Wikipedia say this about the ultrabook: “An ultrabook is a computer in a category of thin and lightweight ultraportable laptops defined by a specification from Intel..The name Ultrabook is an Intel trademark.. By this marketing initiative and an associated $300M fund, Intel hopes to stimulate the  market for Intel-based laptops similar to Apple’s MacBook air, against rising competition from ARM processor-based tablet computers.

Incorporating new CULV Intel processor with integrated graphics, and flash-based SSDs, Intel claims that Ultrabook will have 5 hours of battery life, mainstream performance, and ultra-fast start up.. Announced at Computex 2011, Intel estimates that by the end of 2012, 40 percent of the consumer laptop market segment will be Ultrabooks..”

So basically an Ultrabook is a thin notebook designed to have fast boot up time and also stand by time – perfect for those who are always on the move.. As Intel has specified the general guidelines on the looks of the machine, manufacturers are coming out with several new products that fit into this new category..

Typically, the Ultrabook are powered by the new ultra low voltage (ULV)  processors from Intel.. Mind you the processors, while low voltage, are still capable as their desktop brethren as they are still in the Core family of processors.. The new ultrabook will feature the Core i5 or i7 – depending on the manufacturer..

Another facet of the Ultrabook that is different than the rest of the IT world is the start up time.. Intel has asked the manufacturers to make the stsrt-up  of their ultrabooks to be less than 20 seconds – tanks to optimised EFI Bios, hardware and OS.. Storage is also an important role in the ultrabook, as most manufacturers have opted to fit their machines with SSDs instead of nrmal platter-based hard drives.. And oh, all of the Ultrabook do not have build-in optical drives as the result of the need to stay thin..

Other than the special above, it is all up to the manufacturers on How their Ultrabooks will look like.. As you will see in a while, shapes can go from wedges all the way to mimicking a hard-cover book

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